Spring (Mar-May) temp.20-27°c, water temp.21-26°c
Summer (Jun-Sep) temp.25-32°c, water temp.26-30°c
Autumn (Oct-Nov) temp.27-20°c, water temp.29-25°c
Winter (Dec-Feb) temp.25-15°c, water temp.25-21°c
Ishigakijima Diving point

The temperature is 0basically dependant on the season, but changes in the weather can cause relatively large variations in temperature from day to day. It’s best to bring a long sleeved top to prevent against sun burn in summer and against the cold in winter (a light, hooded top in summer and fleece in winter).

Manta Rays

If you had to pick one diving point in Ishigakijima it would have to be “Manta Scramble”!

Mantas can be seen year-round here, but the season you are most likely to see them – and see them in large numbers – is autumn! (From around mid-Sep to mid-Nov)

Note:Manta Point is located off the north west coast of Ishigakijima, and the sea can get quite rough when there is a northerly wind. This means it is sometimes not possible to dive there. In general there is a gentle southerly wind in summer and a strong northerly wind in winter.

Manta’s photo >>> Manta’s movie >>>

Ishigakijima Manta


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