Our staff can speak a certain amount of English, but speaking English on the phone can sometimes lead to misunderstandings, so we request that you make reservations or inquiries by email wherever possible.

TEL/FAX +81-980-84-4100

When making a reservation, please include the following information:

  • Names, sex and age of all participants
  • A telephone number we can reach you on while you are in Ishigakijima
  • Your travelling schedule (including the dates of any days you will be
  • Name of accommodation
  • Course(s) and date(s) you wish to reserve (no. of days)
  • If you are participating in introductory diving or snorkeling, or are doing the fun diving course but require equipment rental, please specify your height, weight, shoe size and whether you require a corrective diving mask (if so, please specify you level of eyesight)
  • Any requests you have for points you would like to visit, or marine life you would like to see

we are always looking foward to hearing from you


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Tida Diving Service

Address 2-11-5 Yashima Ishigaki-shi Okinawa-ken 9070242 Japan

Tel / Fax 0980-87-5530




    • 期間限定で半日シュノーケルコース開催
    • GW、夏休み期間でホリデー特割を実施
    • 珊瑚の産卵を見るナイトダイビング
    • ぷち@本日のダイビングランチ
    • スタッフ募集